please send your work to in a docx or pdf file, using 12 pt black times new roman or a similar font. please title your message “FULL NAME – SUBMISSION”. in the body of your email, please include a short cover letter or note (don’t worry if it’s informal) and a brief third person bio along with any social media handles you wish to share. if you would like to include an explanation of your work you are welcome to do so, but this is not required. 

we do not accept previously published work (unless the journal it was in has since closed its doors) but we do allow simultaneous submissions. if your work is accepted elsewhere, please send us an email or a message on twitter @rawquartzreview

we accept poetry, short stories, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, and any experimental works that blur boundaries. we favor works that are between 200-900 words, but don’t be afraid to send us something longer or shorter! we do not have a limit for how many works you can send in, however please be aware that it may take longer to process your submission if you send in a large amount. 

we do not accept works that support or otherwise perpetuate the following: misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia or any paraphilias. a good rule of thumb is if you aren’t sure, don’t send it in. that being said, we prioritize works that are authored by BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ individuals, disabled and chronically ill folks, and those who have survived the troubled teen industry.

if you are rejected, feel free to submit again during the next submission cycle unless otherwise specified. if you are accepted, please wait one submission cycle before submitting again. currently we are unable to pay our contributors, however we may be able to in the future. 

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